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Reboot Your Brain

I recall a popular phrase growing up: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”. I’m of the opinion you can, but it requires effort, a hunger and thirst for the required reboot. Imagine walking in the jungle on a well-travelled path to get water (essential resource). You believed there was a shorter smarter path, but it required much effort to investigate, cutting back the jungle, perhaps removing trees, climbing mountains, even facing deadly predators, all to create convenience or progress. Perhaps it is human nature to simply take the road well-travelled because it’s safest? My biggest fear is that I may fade into this wilderness of comfort.

At my previous work place, I was the second youngest, most tech savvy to teach others. Now I find myself as the eldest. Eeek! I have gone from master to scholar in 18-months (the average life-span of a mobile device). The most exhilarating thing is I feel like I’m feeding my brain once more. The human brain never stops learning, so why settle on your brain food?

As humans, full of imagination, creative intrigue, we seek the new, simply part of how we’re wired. Scientists have recently found that the hippocampus (a region of the brain associated with memories, learning, and emotions) can in fact continue to create new cells without the restraint of age or time, this process is called neurogenesis. Therefore, would it be fair to say if we wake up every morning with a few new baby brain cells willing to learn, we should nurture them wisely by removing old antiquated thoughts, to springboard them into the daringly new.

Don’t be afraid to receive, have a posture of openness, to the ‘What if…?’. Let me dare not remind you of the Uber or Airbnb phenomenon, but rather the journey, the need and the desire. As consumers, the needs of our mental psyche won’t change but the desire or experience will. In Uber’s case, the need to get efficiently from point A to point B has not changed, but the absolute convenience and experience has, all in the palm of your hands. Similarly, the desire to travel and hire a hotel room has not, simply the process has. We live in an ever-changing world that is becoming all the more convenient and immediate, the need to stay current and relevant is absolute.

Our need for human interaction will always be primary. We need to have an adoption curve in our minds to be open to embrace technology to deliver services efficiently and effectively, with a solid standard of customer engagement. The power of purpose = value.

Some perspectives on how your business performance could be designed with purpose and value in mind, not comfort. Don’t wait for the need to innovate but take time to constantly journal and share as a team.

1. How does your business environment promote a healthy discomfort that encourages your team to drive performance and improvement?

2. In what ways might you encourage healthy discomfort and help your team continue to seek improvement?

3. Identify your primary industry competitors, what will set you apart using technology to aid in your customer engagement?

4. How can you make the world bigger and make yourself smaller so that you can seek constant improvement (Deliver Value)?

3 of the the top 10 global consumer trends in 2019 speak of customer engagement:

Digitally together: As our digital capabilities and comfort using new technologies grows, so will the potential of what can be created or experienced together, but remotely.

Everyone’s an expert: Whereas previously shoppers relied on a certain brand or information source, now companies must constantly innovate to entice more inquisitive shoppers.

I want it now: Consumers seek instant gratification and frictionless experiences that mesh with their lifestyles, allowing them to dedicate more time to their professional or social lives.

Marcus Aurelius said: ‘Our life is what our thoughts make it.’


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  1. good read I think learning when helpful and valid changes our options in a huge way. So new tricks should always be on the cards 🙂

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