We understand that it is extremely difficult to grow your client base whilst constantly adding value to your existing client base. So we have developed solutions which allow you To move your business to the next level, with no additional sweat on your part.



As we are working day in and day out with the latest technology, we are committed to channel this technology into the development of financial tools to assist you in the sales process. These tools are constantly updated and added to your disposal as and when the technological capabilities come out. Current tools in production include a streamlined FNA, BNA and an advisor-centric robo-advisor.


The battle between Compliance and productivity has raged on for far too long so we developed a tool to help firms be more compliant than ever before, in a fraction of the time.


Utilizing innovative customer segmentation tools, social sentiment analysis and creative automated campaigns, ICON is geared towards keeping you front and center. The system utilizes a streamlined ‘lead nurturing’ process, automated reporting, significant event emails and review date reminders. With the ICON system, you never miss an opportunity to better serve your customers.


xRM is the next evolution in relationship management. At ICON, we harness the power of advanced data gathering techniques and machine learning to ensure that every insight possible is generated from all relationship data on the ICON network. This knowledge is then deployed across the platform, guaranteeing that each person is treated as an individual. The best part is that it all happens without you needing to lift a finger.


How well do you really know your business? With the ICON platform, you can take advantage of sophisticated business intelligence algorithms which draw on the wealth of live data captured by the system. With ICON, your business decisions benefit from the power of detailed customer knowledge.

We strive to create an unfaltering experience
that enhances the value you are able to deliver to your customers.