Category: Artificial Intelligence

The Gathering Swarm

In Some Way, Shape or Swarm.

Have you ever wondered how ants build superhighways for carrying food, how bees never get lost, how wasps build nests or how birds flock? If you’re anything like me you’ve likely given credit where its due and attributed it to some innate intelligence that these little creatures possess. But you’re wrong, they have you fooled! You see, there is no individual ant which knows the bigger pictur...

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“Things are getting Interesting”

The Rise of the Internet of Things

In a world where technology and humans become more and more entwined, the scope for the application of tech to our everyday lives increases exponentially. Distilled to its simplest form, technology has two main functions - to augment or replace and, in its short existence, these functions have been revealed and portrayed in the most amazing and devastating fashions. From artificial intelligence...

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