The times, they are a changin’

The Lunatics Run the Asylum

A lot was going on in the 60’s (I do wish I had been there to see some of it!). Hippies were making their pilgrimage to Woodstock, Neil Armstrong was preparing for his moonwalk and the very first information technologies were being developed and refined. Just a few years earlier the Standard and Poor’s 500 index was amalgamated. An American stock market index based on the market capitalizati...

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What’s the big deal with quantum computing?

Have you heard about the next big phase in computing?

Moore’s Law is dead. Well, at least that’s how it’s looking right now. In case you’re scratching your head, Moore’s Law is the one where computing power doubles every two years. It was stated by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore and has held true for many years. However, the ability to continue to improve the capacity of current computers is now diminishing, and has led to even Gordon’s brainchi...

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It’s all about Youyu!

Robo Advisor

As the fourth industrial revolution becomes more relevant every day, big players across the globe are diversifying their business models to take advantage of consumer trends, create new revenue streams and try to find stability in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive environment. One of the current buzz-words, and a solution being employed across geography and industry, is that of...

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  • Julian Bowman
  • 8:18 pm

Big Data

Making Big Data Great Again!

Big data has been a revelation of the 21st century, facilitating businesses to enhance their consumer understanding. Yet, the world is evolving at such a rapid rate, that only a few years after big data became a global revelation, it has become the global norm. Businesses, who adopted big data first have had first mover advantage, significantly helping to keep them ahead of the curve...

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Weathering the perfect storm

Is your business future-ready?

Our industry is facing a perfect storm with the convergence of three high-pressure systems: changes in regulation, digital technology and consumer behaviour. These are set to deepen and accelerate the already rapid pace of change, resulting in a fundamental shift within our world. Each of these would be dramatic enough on their own and, once combined, their impact will be nothing less than spec...

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Business

Changes shaping our world.

The world is changing, and business is just as affected as technology, society and retail. Like all change, these shifts happen slowly at first, and then all at once. The key is to be prepared for them and to act at the right time, not too early or too late. The major shift happening at the moment is the emergence of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” We’ve already seen three revolutions, e...

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