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Back to the Old School

There is certainly not a shadow of doubt that humanity has made great strides in technological advancements over the centuries and continues to. These advances have seen the advent of new medical treatments and state of the art medical facilities, the internet and “interconnectedness” of societies on a global scale, changes in fashion trends, increased production and manufacturing and many more.

Most, if not all, current and future technologies are being built on the foundations of old technologies, a lot of which are still very relevant and continue to make an impact today like radio waves that were first realized in the 1870s. Advancements in all sectors of tech are happening at such an alarming rate that the next big thing can easily become obsolete in a matter of months. But in as much as tech is moving so fast, it sometimes rips a page from history and puts it a lot closer. Not only are some technologies introduced and make an impact, but they might also make a comeback long after they have been forgotten.

One example of this was the recent reintroduction of the flip phone onto the mobile market by Samsung and Motorola. Finally, consumers have regained the ability and satisfaction of slapping the phone shut after an aggravating phone call.

Advances in tech have brought up notable advances in business trends today. A lot more processes are getting automated, which in turn is increasing production, productivity and revenue. But in world that continues to digitize and seems to slowly lose its human aspect, there are some relevant business methods used in the past that have proven to still work today.

The first one, if not the most important one, is creating and maintaining a good relationship with the client, making it more personal and building loyalty. Today when one is most likely respond to inquiries via email or quick thread, engaging in genuine conversation not only makes a seamless transition from one sale to the next, it makes the client feel important and not feel like just another sale, which also results in more sales. A quality  product and a great  customer relationship leads to customer satisfaction, and convincing  word of mouth referrals.

Another effective method is knowing as much as possible about the business and the product, a method used by early traveling salesmen that made them very effective as this inspired confidence in customers about the product, and often times convinced other individuals who had initially not intended to make a purchase. This also eases the customer’s concern if your product is something they have been looking for.

Accurately knowing what the competition is offering is an effective tool for any business that strives to be ahead in the market. Getting information has now come more effective as information on almost everything is widely available and more accessible. Knowing what your competition is offering will give the business a competitive edge by bringing fresh ideas on how to better your product or offering and make it a top customer choice. This also comes with knowing what the current business trend is and knowing what the customer is looking for in a product.

In a world that continues to change and keeps bettering a lot of its processes, it is important to stick to the principles that are still relevant and still ensures the continuity of a business.

By Catherine Tatham

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